Sixth Grade
The class uses Pearson Interactive Science series to cover the following topics:  Ecology and the Environment, Earth’s Structure, Sound and Light, Cells, Types of Reactions, and History of Space Travel.  The methods of instruction include reading the text with interactive workbook activities, daily homework in vocabulary & key concepts, lab experiments & activities, and written assessments (tests are multiple choice and essay responses).  Students will do a research report on Environmental Stewardship.

The class uses Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley enVisionMATH series.  Key concepts covered include numeration, variables & expressions, decimals, solving equations, fractions, integers, ratios & proportions, percent, graphs, measurements & conversions, perimeter, area, volume and probability.

Anthology, novels, non-fiction and periodicals are used to teach story elements, analysis and symbolism.  Students are encouraged to participate in the Accelerated Reader program with self-selected reading.

Strong emphasis on writing skills and grammar application including parts of speech and sentence development.

This class will cover the eras from pre-history (before man could write) up to the Middle Ages.  We will learn of early civilizations, classical civilizations, and the establishment of five major world religions.  The history will be compared to the Bible’s true account and timeline where applicable.

Bible History with an emphasis on the Old Testament and Reformation.

Keyboarding, PowerPoint presentations and internet research.