Fifth Grade

Fifth graders begin the transition to middle school by having more departmentalized instructors. They also advance their music studies with the introduction of beginning band.

Students use Luther’s small catechism with special focus on the Ten Commandments, the Apostles Creed, and the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.  We also study key faith concepts like Law and Gospel, confession, forgiveness, and grace.  We use The Holy Bible-ESV (students should already have this or will be provided one if they are new to Our Savior), the Small Catechism (this will be provided to each student), and One in Christ from Concordia Publishing House.  Most importantly, we practice sharing the life-giving love of Jesus Christ through our interactions with one another.
We use Eureka Math curriculum to study place value and decimal fractions, multi digit and fraction operations, addition and subtraction of fractions, multiplication and division of fractions, volume and area, and problem solving with a coordinate plane.  We also use Rocket Math to build on students’ quick recall of multiplication and division facts.  Students get to compete against themselves in Rocket Math!
Through inquiry and “hands-on, minds-on” investigations, we use technology to practice the scientific process.  Other topics we explore include growth and survival, classifying organisms, human systems, earth and space, energy, and forces & motion.  Our curriculum comes from Interactive Science.  Starting each January, students also begin conducting their own experiment for the annual Science Fair.
We read various short stories of all genres including realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, biographies, folktales, and informational articles.  Using the weekly reading from Pearson Reading Street, students rotate through interactive centers to work with vocabulary and practice skills of comprehension, summarizing, inferring, evaluating, and critical thinking.  We also read several novels as a class including Frindle, The Sign of the Beaver, and Bud, Not Buddy.  Students are expected to do at least 100 minutes of independent reading each week and fill out their weekly reading log.
In writer’s workshop, students become authors of narrative, expository, and opinion writing-including one persuasive essay.  We also spend time researching and writing in conjunction with the science far.  Students learn and practice using correct grammar and punctuation in writing.  Lastly, spelling includes the words most commonly expected for fifth grade students to learn. These are practiced during writing time and assessed through weekly tests.

Mr. John Horak (Minister of Music) teaches choir.  Grand Ledge School District provides us with teachers in Music, Art, Computer, and PE.

We use Powerpoint, SmartBoard, document camera, Braiinpop, interactive applets and Internet research to further teaching and learning.