First Grade

First grade students are integrated more fully into the activities of the older school children than when in Kindergarten.  For example, they participate in specials such as music, computers, art, and physical education.  Daily lessons include:  Christian Studies, math, reading, spelling, writing, and more.  There are many new adventures to look forward to in first grade.  Students focus on literacy and math and also have fun science experiences and social study projects.  Students daily learn about God’s Word in Christian Studies and throughout the day.  The students learn to pray and are also given several opportunities to say the end of the day prayer over the speaker system throughout the year.  The first graders also participate in chapel services and lead their own chapel service in February.  A few things from first grade that the students really enjoy and that truly help to enhance their learning experiences are highlighted here.

The first graders will be checking out books each week from our classroom library, which is called the “Just Right Library.”  This collection of books consists of many different levels to meet each child’s ability.

The students are engaged in learning centers each day.  They rotate between three stations which include math, word work and spelling.  Each day the teacher works with one of the small reading groups on decoding, fluency, phonics, and reading comprehension. This small group remains with the teacher while the other three groups rotate to the other learning centers.  The math center helps to enhance the development of math skills by using manipulative and number concepts.  Word work is focused on reviewing sight words and developing vocabulary in a variety of different ways.  The spelling center is used to help the students learn and review their spelling words for the week.

The students will get a chance to become an author and illustrator by creating their very own book.  This is a cross curriculum project that incorporates reading, writing, technology, and science.  The first graders will choose an animal and answer questions about their animal including the classification, unique trait, habitat, life span, and interesting fact.  The research is completed on the computer and all questions will be answered in the book that also includes a table of contents and a glossary.  This has been a favorite activity of first graders in the past years.  It is a big project, but rewarding, because the students learn a lot about their animal, the process of putting together a book and the joy of sharing their animal with the class.  The sharing is done with an oral project and either a diorama, poster board display or a mobile.

The first graders are blessed to be connected with the 7th grade language art students.  These students work together to help learn and develop healthy writing skills.  Twice a month the students work together in pairs or small groups to complete a writing assignment.  Examples of such assignments could be creating a Thanksgiving story with rhyming words, helping with research for a president project and oral presentation or interviewing each other and introducing their buddy to the rest of the group.