Seventh Grade

In the class students study the chief doctrines of the Christian faith, which includes topics such as the Bible, Christology, the Church, the Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, and Prayer.  In addition to classroom lecture & discussion, various activities and projects will be assigned for students to experience how these doctrines are lived out in the daily Christian life.

The class uses Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra series.  Key concepts covered include Algebraic expressions, integers, Solving equations & inequalities (one and two step), decimals, fractions, exponents, ratios & proportions, percents, linear functions, graphing, spatial thinking, area & volume, special triangle relationships, and polynomials.  Assessment includes daily homework, and chapter quizzes and tests.

The class uses Pearson Interactive Science Series.  Seventh grade science covers the following topics: Diversity of Life, Forces and Energy, Water and the Atmosphere, and Earth’s Surface.  The methods of instruction include reading the text with interactive workbook activities, daily homework in vocabulary & key concepts, lab experiments & activities, and written assessments (tests are multiple choice and essay responses).  Students also do a research report on an element from the periodic table.

World Geography is designed to teach students about the physical and cultural aspects of the world around them.  In order to acquire a complete understanding of their world, students study land resources, places, cultures, and people of various countries.  Emphasis is placed on the physical and cultural geography and the impact of people on the earth.

The class uses the Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar series.  Basic elements of grammar, usage, spelling, and mechanics will be covered in accordance with both Michigan and Common Core Standards for the grade level.  The class does various activities and projects designed to improve the students’ ability to communicate effectively.  Written, verbal, and non-verbal communication methods is studied in the context of purpose whether that is to inform, persuade, or simply narrate.  Cross-curricular writing and participation in Writing Buddies with first grade are also part of the 7th grade experience.

The students read, analyze, discuss, and summarize short stores, novels, poetry, drama, and various non-fiction pieces of writing.  These reading selections include a variety of elements of literature including characterization, conflict, exposition, imagery, narration, plot, setting, symbolism, and theme.  Instruction includes the use context clues to help determine meanings of words and answering questions from the readings using relevant information and complete sentences.  Several read-aloud and class books will be completed this year, From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, Under the Blood Red Sun, City of Ember, and one other classic of choice.