Second Grade

This is a fun, energetic, upbeat classroom in which all children are taught that they:

  • Are loved and forgiven by God
  • Have their own unique abilities
  • Can and will participate in a nonthreatening environment
  • Are created for a purpose
The daily routine is highly structured yet doesn’t stifle each student’s individuality or creativity. Field trips and fun projects are used to enhance and reinforce learning.


The Christian Studies curriculum emphasizes the relationship that we, as Christians, have with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and others around us.  We see how God’s plan for His relationship with us began at the time of Creation.  We explore the promises He has made in the Old and New Testaments.  


The Language Arts curriculum is from Pearson’s Reading Street, however many other books are incorporated as well.  In second grade, reading comprehension is one of the primary goals.  Students will make predictions and be able to correctly sequence the events of the story.  Stories are read from a variety of genres, such as fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, mystery, fables, fairy tales, informational nonfiction, and biographies.  Also taught are sequencing, making inferences, compare and contrast, and identifying elements of a story.  Phonics is used to help students decode words and recognize spelling patterns of words.  Students will use context clues to decode unfamiliar words.  A Reader’s Notebook is kept by each student to record the books read, and write thoughts about his/her reading.

The Math curriculum for second grade is taught using the Saxon Math program.  The first part of the second grade math curriculum is computing addition and subtraction with numbers through 18.  Place value through 99 begins our study of two-digit computation.  The important everyday skills of counting money, measuring, and telling time are discovered.  We will understand the different ways to divide wholes into halves, thirds, fourths, and sixths.  Students will also touch on multiplication and division.  Throughout each topic, solving through word problems is emphasized.  There is a strong emphasis on learning and practicing math facts daily and provides continual practice and review of concepts learned.  This is assessed by daily work in class as well as homework.  Additionally, there are weekly assessments over a variety of skills taught in the previous weeks’ lessons.

Second grade social studies examines the United States of America using the Studies Weekly Magazine, but other resources are also incorporated.  The government of America will be studied (which includes history and its formation).  We will explore the land of this country – the rivers, mountains, and farmlands.  The general history of wars fought and the formation of this union are studied.  There are formal tests to evaluate understanding as well as projects.

Second grade science explores the needs of living things and how living things differ from non-living things.  We explore how God wants us to be good stewards of our bodies by practicing good health habits.  We study endangered animals and discuss how all of us can work together to take care of God’s creatures.  We learn how the weather affects us as well as the process of various weather patterns.  We explore ways to measure the three states of matter.  This is studied through experiments and projects as well as through the use of videos and books.

Second grade students attend music class twice per week. They learn choral and rhythm skills that include but are not limited to melody, harmony, tempo, form, rhythm, and timbre. They also study famous composers and listen to their works. The choir portion provides an opportunity for students to share the Christian faith at different events within the school and out in the community.  Mrs. Beth Krause is the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade Music teacher.

Second grade students have weekly art classes. They have the opportunity to learn about texture, space, shape, color, tone/value, and line. 

In second grade, technology is integrated in a variety of ways.  The classroom is equipped with a projector and interactive white board (SMART).  We also have two computers and an iPad.  Additionally, there are computers in the school lab at our disposal.  The students will have the opportunity to connect with the world outside the classroom, collaborate with their peers around the world, create using various Web 2.0 technology, and communicate to their community. They also have a computer class.  

In second grade, students have PE class twice a week. They have the opportunity to learn skills, collaborate as a team, and play games that tie into various sports.